How to Buy Modafinil Online Legally

Buying modafinil pills through PayPal

Buying modafinil with PayPal is quite different in that you first have to go to the manufacturer’s website to order the drug. In the manufacture’s site there is a tab which contains the quantities that the drug is sold in and their prices. The interested party is then supposed to click on the order now option and fill in the order form. The form requires details such as the name of the buyer, the email address, and the package, destination of shipping and the address plus the voucher number. After filling all the details the buyer is then required to click on the order now option. After the form has been processed the site gives you an order identity number (order id), copy the number.

To pay for the order using PayPal, you will need to contact the pay pal administration using the order enquiry form that is normally provided for at the bottom of the home page. Fill in the form using the same name and email as you did for the order in the manufacture’s site. For the subject write pay pal payment request and select the option “how do I pay with PayPal “for nature of inquiry. Give your order number in the next field and select date of payment. Lastly select PayPal from the method drop box. The filled details will be processed and the details sent to the manufacturer. The package will then be prepared upon completion of payment and delivery will be as soon as possible.

Buying modafinil from e bay

E bay is an online platform that sells various products at a discounted price plus offers delivery services. E bay offers the drug modafinil on its online platform for purchase by its customers. This drug is sold prescription free on this site making it easier for most buyers to access it. The drug is offered at different quantities and also in different brands. The drug prices on the site vary from one product brand to another. The buying process of this drug involves the filing of an order form in which one is required to fill details such as name, email address, the package, destination of shipping and its address. Upon completion of payment via platforms such as the visa card or other credit cards, the order is processed and delivered within the shortest time possible.

Buying modafinil from Sun pharma

Sun pharma is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in India which deals with both large scale and small scale deliveries. Sun pharma offers the drug modafinil in various quantities ranging from 50 mgs to 200 mgs. The drug is also offered by different manufactures and the price varies depending on the manufacturer. They also are specific in their packaging where they use padded envelopes that are about one centimeter thick. In the sale of the drug modafinil the company has put out a very simple procedure which involves the filling out of an order form. The order form is comprised of the name, email address, the email address, the package, destination of shipping and its address. This is then followed by payment through means such as the visa card. After approval of the payment the drugs are delivered to the given destination. In case of any complaints the customers are required to contact the customer care center for assistance.


Provigil is another name for modafinil only that this brand is manufactured by Cephalon Pharmaceuticals. It is a very effective drug which comes in various quantities. Provigil can be found on sites such as e bay and other online pharmaceutical stores. Buying of Provigil from online platforms requires filling in of the order forms then proceeding to pay for the package and it will be delivered.

Modafinil reviews

Modafinil reviews from the people who have used them are positive. Most clients have attested to the reduction in severity of their conditions due to the use of modafinil. The drug has also been praised for eradicating memory loss among its users. The drug has also been praised for its fast and long lasting action once taken. Its texture and taste has been termed as smoother and sweeter by the buyers who have tried the drug. Fatigue has also been a feeling of the past as most of the users of this drug testify. They state that the drug relieves feelings of fatigue faster than other drugs.
Another quality of the drug that has been praised is the price of the drug. Most clients have complained how hard it was to afford and keep up with their treatment before the introduction of modafinil. The drug is said to be at a very affordable price which is friendly to most buyers thus acting as a relief to them.

Modalert review

Modealert is the generic version of modafinil. Most of the users of this drug have testified to the top notch effectivity of the drug. The users stated that it was more effective in relieving fatigue feelings and also helpful in the control of narcolepsy condition.

In conclusion, sun pharma have walked into a market that was once termed as a monopoly thus providing more effective drugs at a cheaper cost. The drugs can be bought at online stores and platforms provided the correct procedures are followed.